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Remote Support Tools: What It Does and How It Can Help You

Brian Mac 2016-06-28

There's no doubt about it, today's "office environment" has changed drastically. No longer do employees simply work at their desk from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday; instead, employees tend to work flex hours pretty much every day of the week from their office and home. With that said they need to be able to reach IT support at all times, so companies are now finding themselves at a crossroads. Do they simply keep up with their rather archaic IT support system, or do they change with the times and offer remote support to employees?


Helps You Deliver Support

If you are in the business of offering IT support then you understand better than anyone just how much the landscape has changed. Your customers are likely demanding more attention at hours that you may not have usually worked. In order to stay competitive, you need to give them what they want, but the question is how? This system makes it possible to monitor and manage Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows computers from anywhere. You will literally be able to provide your services any time and from any place.


A One-Stop Shop

It's more than just giving your customers remote support: there is also a training aspect involved with MSP. It offers technical on-boarding, take advantage of the business coaching, and there are even Q&A sessions held on a daily basis that you can be a part of and learn from. Instead of having to rely on various software tools, this is a one-stop shop for companies.


Additional Advantages

Use this software as your admin area where you can set up your company's own profile. You can make it look how you want and give customers the impression you have been striving for. Use the MSP Anywhere software as your viewer as well. What this means is that you can view what is happening on your customer's computer so you can assist them. Plus, it works as your management console where you keep the requests organized, you can start your support sessions from here, and chat with other staff members.


Launch More than One Session

Another huge benefit is that if you are a particularly large and busy company, you’ll be able to use this software to launch more than one support session at a time. Go ahead and help as many customers as you want. This one feature can allow you to be more productive than you ever were before, which also means you could potentially take on additional customers.


A Look at the Console

Of course the big question people usually have is how user-friendly is the software? Well the console definitely needs a mention. What businesses are loving is the fact there is no pre-installation required. Not only that but you don't need any sort of administration privileges. When a customer needs to reach you they can do so through a URL that you have customized, or they can use a PIN code you have set up. Within mere seconds they will be connected to you and on their way to getting the support they need, which means a satisfied customer.


The Real Question Is: Who Couldn’t Use Remote Support Tools?

When it comes down to it the real question should be who couldn’t use remote support tools? As the business world continues to evolve, solutions such as remote support tools will be increasingly more in demand. This is an opportunity to get in early and start offering your customers incredible service.


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