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Owning a Dash Cam: 7 Benefits & Facts

Adrian Crest 2016-06-19

The dash camera, aka dash cam or dashcam, has become more popular in the last few years. Basically, it’s a small specialized camera that you mount to the dashboard of your car and it is meant to record images or images and sounds while you drive. You can use this footage for a variety of reasons. Here are a few reasons you should own a dash cam.


1. Driving Accidents

Getting into an accident is bad enough even if no one is injured. There’s the blame game and stress about who’s going to pay for damages, plus even more stress if you’re worried about getting charged by the police. When you have a dash camera installed and running when the accident occurs, you have first-hand evidence that a) a collision took place and b)that it wasn’t your fault (if that’s the case). This is the best possible proof to have if you need to defend yourself.


2. Parking Accidents

One of the most dangerous places for your car is in a parking lot or parking garage. Bad drivers tend to bump into other cars all the time when trying to park. People slam their doors open into yours when they get out of their vehicle. Yet another way your car can get damaged while parked is by vandalism. The great thing about dash cams is that they don’t have to turn off when you park and leave your car. Since some are battery operated, you can leave them running while you’re gone.


3. Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Yes, believe it or not, there are people out there who actively try to get hit by cars. Some just time it perfectly and step out from between parked cars just in time for you to hit them, while others just fall down in front of a parked car and pretend they have injuries. With video evidence of this type of fraud, you’ll have a greater chance of winning in court if someone tries to say you hit them.


4. Filming the Unexpected

Sometimes dash cam footage does more than just protect you from legal issues. In some cases, it can capture some amazing footage when you least expect it. Maybe you’ll film a meteor or tornado, some rarely seen wildlife, or some other spectacular sight.


5. Report Bad Drivers

Everyone has had an experience with some other person’s bad driving habits. Perhaps you film someone passing a school bus with the stop sign extended, or racing. Maybe someone passes you unsafely on the highway and almost causes a collision. Whatever the case, having dash cam footage helps you report the incident to the proper authorities.


6. Record Your Road Trip

Some of the best parts of a trip is the journey there and back. You’ll be able to take the footage of your road trip into part of the keepsake you can have for years.


7. Protect Against Unauthorized Drivers

Many dashboard cameras have built-in GPS. If you need to take your car to the garage for some work and want to ensure the only thing done to your car is an oil change, the cam can tell you if your car stayed where it was supposed to, or if it got taken for a spin. Same goes for when you leave your vehicle with valet parking. One more way this could be useful is if you’re the parent of a teen who asks to borrow the car and you want to make sure he or she stuck to the plan.


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