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How to Improve Business Productivity with Mobile Forms

Jacob Marcus 2016-07-22

As a business owner, you are probably constantly searching for new ways to improve your productivity while lowering your costs. Technology is evolving faster than ever, and there are so many new products and processes competing for your attention that it might be difficult to know where to look and what to choose.

Mobile forms are an easy way to improve the productivity of your business, and turning your paper forms into mobile forms is easy. Here are a few of the things mobile forms can do for you.

Data can be collected much faster with mobile forms

If your business is using paper forms to collect data, it might take awhile for these forms to get back to your office. Whether you are dealing with surveys, invoices, work orders, or any other type of paper forms, you are probably wasting some precious time waiting for them to get back to you.

With mobile forms, you can collect data much faster, and you can also access your collected data much faster online or in the cloud. All you need is a mobile device and a WiFi connection or a data plan to send your data where it needs to go.

To learn more information about mobile forms, check out the ProntoForm website for their online resources.


Mobile forms mean you don’t have to worry about bad handwriting

When you collect data on paper forms, it can be difficult to read the handwriting of your customers or employees. When a few letters or numbers look alike, or look like nothing at all, there is no way to be sure if the data you collected is accurate.

When you collect data on mobile forms, whether on a computer, on a tablet or on a smartphone, there is no mistake possible. You will have the peace of mind of knowing the data you collected is accurate.


You will be able to save time and money

Even when a paper form has been completed with a very neat handwriting, you still can’t be certain that the right data will be entered into your computer systems. Someone will have to be in charge of data entry, and even the most qualified person can make mistakes.

When you switch to mobile forms, you won’t need to hire someone to take care of your data entry operations. You will save both time and money as your collected data will be accessible right away in your computers.


Mobile forms are smarter than paper forms

Mobile forms are more than just digital versions of paper forms. They are much smarter than paper forms, and they can be customized with different features that can improve the data you collect and boost your productivity.

Mobile forms can allow you to scan barcodes, collect GPS locations, capture photos, record voice memos and verbal confirmations, collect signatures, and more. The data you collect with your customized mobile forms will be more useful and more helpful.


You might find new creative ways to use forms

The possibility to collect data through a tablet or a smartphone means that your mobile forms can be taken anywhere, anytime. The many features you can add to your forms mean you will be able to collect data you might never have thought of trying to collect before.

Find new ways to use your forms and to collect the data that will help you understand what works great with your business processes, what needs some improvements, and what simply doesn’t work. Your mobile forms can help you make better decisions, save time and money, develop new ideas, and improve the productivity of your team.

Mobile forms are becoming more and more integrated with business processes. Read this MarketWired press release to learn about how businesses are delivering integrated solutions to different industries.



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