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How Businesses Can Launch an ID Card Program

Allison Carver 2017-01-09

How secure is your company? That is a critical question to ask in today's landscape.

Corporate security has never been more important, more dire than it is in present conditions. With the ubiquity of identity theft, digital security infiltration and data breaches, businesses of all sizes need to be more secure, whether it is pertaining to their technological endeavours, corporate practices or overall personnel.

One of the growing trends that companies all over the world are embracing is an ID card program. For the last several years, ID cards have become more prevalent, and even small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are adopting this policy to enhance security protocols.

Although such an ID card program will come with an initial investment, the initiative will pay dividends down the line in the form of preventing breaches, theft and loss of productivity.

Here are five tips for businesses launching an ID card program:

ID Card Policies & Procedures

Once you establish this program, you need to create a series of policies and procedures. Otherwise, you completely negate the purpose and benefits of having ID cards in the first place.

Let's first take a look at the policies behind the ID card program:

- You need to make the cardholders visibly display badges at all times.

- The company should determine how the badges are displayed and worn.

- It is up to you if visitors sport temporary badges during their visit.

- Businesses must decide what will happen if an employee leaves it at home.

Now, let's take a look at the procedures behind having ID cards:

- The company will need to hire a business to make and design the ID cards.

- If you are doing it yourself then you need a printer and supplies.

- You need to provide the necessary employee data for ID cards.

- All of the photographs taken need to be clear and large enough.

With these policies and procedures, you can improve the efficacy of your ID card program.

How to Use the ID Cards

Depending on what type of ID card program you establish, you need to ensure the workforce understands how to use the ID cards. This can either consist of swiping your ID card, clearly showing the ID card to security personnel or wearing it on your belt buckle or around your neck.

Security Measures for Your ID Cards

The security factors of ID cards have greatly evolved over the years. Rather than just sporting an ID card on your belt, ID cards can come with a lot of technical specifications.

Moving forward, your overall ID card system can be integrated with an array of security aspects, such as ID software security, printer and hopper locks, ghosting and watermarks, hologram stickers or simple lamination. To learn more about ID card systems, visit Avon Security Products for additional resources and information.

What Information to Add to ID Cards

Once you have a system in place to develop ID cards, you have to decide what information you want to add to these identification cards. Do you simply just want the name, start date and employee number? Or do you want to expand upon that and insert a wide variety of personnel data? If you're installing highly secure ID cards then basic employee information would suffice.

Properly Caring for Your ID Cards

Lastly, and this is up to the employee himself, all of the ID cards need to be properly cared for. Remember, your company spent a costly sum of money on starting and developing such an ID card program. Therefore, constantly replacing an ID card will come with a cost, and annoyance.

You should provide your staff with a series of tips and suggestions to ensure their ID cards will last throughout the expiration date without any troubles, difficulties or hiccups down the line.

Corporate security has become the utmost importance for a lot of businesses today. With cyber attacks occurring on a daily basis, identity theft only getting bigger and data breaches regularly in the 24-hour news cycle, businesses need to begin taking security more seriously. For more small security tips to keep your business safe, visit SmallBizTechnology for additional info and insights.

One of the ways to achieve this plight is to adopt and install an ID card system. This will insert another layer of security, which is something that no private enterprise or government body should ever shy away from in today's world.

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