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Home Security Guide: How to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Thieves


If you want to make your home appealing to robbers and thieves then by all means keep your doors unlocked, turn the lights off, have all of your valuables in the sock drawer and store your spare key under the doormat. These are all ways to welcome burglars into your home when you're at work or in Europe.

On the other hand, if you want your home to be a well-guarded fortress that can't be invaded by foreign individuals and entities then do the exact opposite of what was just stated.

Over the years, criminals have outlined ways that they have broken into homes and what exactly the homeowners do and don't do that encourages culprits to waltz into their humble abodes.

As you are either designing your own home security system or purchasing one from a security enterprise, you have to keep that in mind. Remember, if your fortress of solitude doesn't look hospitable and looks like it has a top-notch security system in place then you won't be robbed.

Here are five tips for making your home less appealing to thieves with a security system:

Trim the Bushes & Shine the Lights

Indeed, it is quite nice to have bushes around your property as it adds a picture-esque quality to your home. At the same time, however, it can also serve as a camouflage for would-be burglars. By having bushes on your premise, particularly around windows, the criminals can hide behind the plants and monitor your home without you even noticing their presence.

Moreover, you should install motion lights on your property so that they turn on as soon as someone approaches the home. Also, it would be wise to keep the lights on your front porch on, especially at night so that you can see your front door, lawn and driveway clearly.

Install Cameras on the Outside

By installing cameras outside of your home, you can keep track of who arrives to your home, who knocks on the door and who may be staking out your property for a potential break in.

Cameras will certainly deter any possible culprit from trying to break in because there is footage and evidence of the individual(s) trespassing on your private property. It is true that they may be wearing masks, but there will always be a slip up and other factors to determine their identity.

Always Give the Illusion Someone is Home

Criminals will always reconsider infiltrating your home if they even suspect someone didn't go to work today or decided to spend the night in watching their favourite Netflix program.

Therefore, it would be prudent to provide the illusion that an occupant of the manor is actually home. This could consist of keeping the radio on, having a couple of lights on or ensuring the television stays on throughout the day.

It's these little trinkets that can be of enormous assistance.

A Strong Dog, Door & Deadbolt

Rover is the next best thing to a lucrative and expansive home security system. A doberman, a rottweiler, a German shepherd or a pitbull are just some of the breeds of dogs that can stop a burglar in his tracks. Heck, even a pomeranian can do the trick (have you seen the way they behave to strangers?).

Next, a solid door with a metal bar on the bottom is a shield you need to have to in your arsenal of defensive measures.

Finally, a deadbolt lock on every exterior door will prevent a criminal from breaking in. Even if they attempted to saunter inside of your home, the deadbolt locks will stop them from succeeding. Why not install two or three on your door just to be sure and confident?

Keep Track of the Latest Security Innovations

The home security industry has produced some effective, complex and highly advanced technology in recent years. Everything from smart technology to mobile round-the-clock monitoring, it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest security innovation.

Whenever you need reassurance, it is time to perhaps adopt an impeccable security system.

Final Thoughts

The days of leaving your door open or unlocked are long gone. Even if you reside in a rural area or an ultra-safe neighbourhood, you can never be too careful. One of the most traumatic experiences to encounter in your lifetime is having your property broken into. It's terrifying.

You can avoid all of this by incorporating the necessary precautions into your regimen.

And, please, whatever you do do not leave your key in the mailbox or under the mat!

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