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College Students: 5 Bad Habits That You Should Give up This Summer

Brandi Lee 2016-06-03

College campuses have become ghost towns, final exam marks have been given out and students have embraced the summer months. Another college year has come and gone. And now the thought of school won't enter our minds until around mid-August, when we start going back.

We all know that college is really expensive. Although we should be prepared for new assignments, new exams and new professors in the fall, we should be financially prepared as well. As students finish college tens of thousands of dollars in the red, it's important to garner the necessary funds to at least lessen the blow of college. This entails budgets and income.

Indeed, many college students have envisioned July and August sleeping in until noon, heading to the beach and staying up late perusing Facebook. However, this is the irresponsible thing to do. What you should instead be doing is getting a job, saving money and brightening your horizons. If you refrain from doing this then you can't really take advantage of college.

Aside from saving money and balancing the (fiscal) books, there are other things you can do, too. Here are five bad habits post-secondary students should give up this summer (or at least try to anyway):

Sleeping in Until the Afternoon

Like we said, many college students see a summer of catching up on much needed sleep. However, this is one thing that should certainly be curbed. Oversleeping is something that plagues us all, which can hurt us in more ways than one. Instead of sleeping in, try to create a normal routine. For instance, wake up at 8 a.m. and go to bed at 11 p.m. six days a week. You won't have to be late to class in the autumn by getting used to a normal routine over the summer.

Eating Fast Food & Buying Coffee Outside

Cooking isn't a basic life skill that is instilled in many college students today. Give them a hot pocket, a Whopper and a can of Coca-Cola and they're set, even if this is very unhealthy.

Unfortunately, many college students eat out a lot. They tend to buy a lot of fast food in college because they can't cook for themselves. This summer, try to learn a few basic cooking methods for the new school year. By doing this, you'll save money (now and tomorrow) and become a grown up with an important skill for years to come.

In addition, avoid purchasing coffee outside. This is the worst transaction you're making on a daily basis. Sure, once or twice a week is fine, but if you're buying a Tim Hortons or Starbucks coffee every single day then you're throwing money down the drain. Make it at home.

Buying Stuff You Don't Need

College students having easy access to credit is a constant complaint we all make. As soon as they set foot on a university or college campus, they're offered an immense sum of credit. Equipped with this, they're more likely to start buying stuff they don't need with money they don't have. On top of their student loan debt, they're also stuck with a chunk of consumer debt.

If you want to learn how to save money, read the 27 tips every college student need to know published by BuzzFeed.

Not Examining the Industry You're Entering

Many post-secondary graduates can't find jobs in their fields of study. Sometimes there's no work, other times the industry is just being phased out. So grads are stuck with debt for a piece of paper they can't earn money from. What an exchange this is for you and the school, huh?

Whether it's existential philosophy or chemical engineering, you should always spend the summer examining the industry you're trying to enter in a couple of years. If you're finding signs of slowing employment then think about changing your major or looking at various alternatives out there to help you find a job. You don't want to leave college without zero prospects, do you? It might be worthwhile to consider enrolling in a business school, such as Canadian Business College, to broaden your skillset and widen your prospects in the future.

Smoking, Well, Everything in Sight

Smoking, whether it's tobacco or marijuana, is a very expensive habit. This habit can set you back thousands of dollars each year. With the amount of money you spend on cigarettes or marijuana, you could easily make a dent on your student loans. If you feel addicted then try to ease back on your smoking endeavors and try to phase it out of your life completely.

Let's face it: post-secondary education is very expensive. And it's more than just about the nickels and dimes. It's also about the experiences college offers you, both in the present and in the future. You have to be ready for college by the time September rolls around. We're talking pecuniary terms and real life skills. Once you kick these habits, your college years will be better.

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