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7 Tips to Organize Your Restaurant's Kitchen

Tammy Reese 2016-05-18

The kitchen is one area of your home that, if you’re like 99 percent of other people, gets used more often than most of the other rooms. This means that if your kitchen was easier to use and more organized, your life would be easier and smoother as well. Here are 10 easy tips to organize your kitchen and make meal preparation flow more smoothly.

Take everything out of each cabinet and go through each item. Throw out or donate things that you don’t use often, things that are duplicated, broken items, or pieces you forgot you had. Do this with every single drawer and cabinet, and set up areas on the floor for each group (discard, donate, keep). Be ruthless; the goal is to keep only the things you use all the time and absolutely love.

After you’ve emptied and sorted all of your cabinets and drawers, think about what is best when it comes to how to group the items. Sort all of your baking items and put them together. Put all of your cooking items together. Pull all of the dishes you eat from daily in one spot; group your glassware, holiday, special, and seasonal items, and put those together with like items.

Now you have your groups laid out, decide where each itms should go. Baking and cooking items should be kept near to where you do food prep. Keep utensils in the drawer closest to the food prep area as well. Glassware can go close to the sink or the fridge. Create a tea and/or coffee station that includes mugs, cups, sugar, filters, and tea bags, and put that near the water source. This will all help reduce wasted steps going back and forth across the kitchen for things you need just to make your morning drink. Real Smart has 24 ideas on how to organize your kitchen intelligently.

Get rid of any containers that don’t have lids, and keep the remaining containers either with the lids on them, or keep the lids in another large container so they’re all in one place. Do this with the lids of your pots and pans. If you have a large clear plastic box you can keep them all together and on their sides. Or you can store them on their sides in a cabinet on a wire rack.

Use containers to organize within your cabinets. Put together things like soup packets, hot cereal packets, gravy mixes, sauce mixes, and seasoning packets, then place them all into small plastic containers to keep them from scattering all over the cabinet. You can use clear plastic shoeboxes to keep food that is in small boxes like pudding mix or gelatin. If you are looking for commercial kitchen equipment, Nella Cutlery might be a good place to start.

Install hooks under cabinets to hold mugs over the countertop; alternatively, install a stemware rack there for wine glasses. Place adhesive hooks on the inside of doors to hold things like oven mitts, measuring cups and spoons, and other useful gadgets.

Drawer dividers can help keep your cooking utensil drawer and junk drawers organized. They let you have a spot for everything, and to remember where each thing goes when you’re in a hurry. Lazy Susans, or rotating trays, hold things like vinegars, oils, and other cooking ingredients or even medications in one spot and keep everything handy when you need it. You can even use lazy Susans in your fridge.

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