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6 Instructions to Give Your Office Cleaning Team

Allison Carver 2016-05-22

If you've decided that the best way to keep your office space clean is to hire a professional office cleaning service, then there are a few things you're going to want to keep in mind as you go about the process. First of all, it’s okay that you have certain expectations; after all, you're spending money for a service to be performed. Here are the top five services that any professional office cleaning service should offer to you.

You Need to Call the Shots on the Cleaning Team
Because your office is basically your second home, you want to know the cleaning team that is coming in is treating it with respect. Any professional cleaning service should allow you to hand-pick your team and then request that the same team return each time. They will get to know your office space, how you like things done, and what your expectations are. It just makes for a seamless job that way.

Insist the Cleaning Team Be Trained
You are paying for a professional cleaning team to look after your office, so you want to be sure they are trained. This means it's not a brand-new crew each time, and you can rest assured that it is a team who takes pride in their work and cleans each and every corner rather than just rushing through the job. When a team is properly trained they also learn about the proper products to use, safety measures, and safe handling of materials so you don’t end up with damaged property. One such training is the Cleaning Industry Training Standard (CITS) from the ISSA.

Ensure the Crew Understands Security Protocols
Because the cleaning staff will quite often be there when you're not, you're going to want to be sure they understand your security protocols and measures. They need to take as much care with your personal property as you do so that you can trust them. Not only that, but you'll want the cleaning staff to have gone through background checks and be bonded.

Going Green
If you've decided that you want to make a conscious effort to go green in your office, then cleaning is no exception. There are cleaning services that specialize in using green products that are safer for the environment. They have also been trained in using green measures whenever possible. Be sure to ask if the service offers these tools and products before you hire them. Public Health Ontario put together an environmental cleaning toolkit for your reference.

Special Considerations
Depending on the company or business, you may find that you have some special instructions or considerations to be followed. It's important you discuss this with potential cleaning services before hiring them to ensure they can follow them. Some services may insist they do things their own way, but there is no reason you have to agree to that. Find a service that is happy to do things your way. For instance, Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems is a company that often accommodates their clients' needs.

Get Your Money’s Worth
With all of these considerations to keep in mind it’s a good idea to approach the hiring process as a bit of a job interview. Jot down your questions and concerns in advance and then ask each potential candidate to respond. Make notes when you’re talking with them so you can go back and compare. Remember, you’re the client here so the ideal office cleaning service will want to make you happy. There is no reason you should settle for a service you don’t fully trust, don’t feel comfortable with, or for one whose team members can’t follow your special requests and instructions. You can even ask around for recommendations from other business owners if you’re unsure of where to begin with the search.

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