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5 Tips to Enhance Your Website Visitor Tracking

Jacob Marcus 2017-02-24

In today's digital environment, you can track nearly everything online. This is an important development when you own a website. With a wide array of tools, you can determine how many visitors you receive from Twitter or how many visitors you get at 2 a.m. or how many visitors come from Windsor, Ontario. Tracking your website's visitors has become more advanced.

When it comes to visitors clicking on and browsing your website, you want to track the results. This is especially important when you have a website that sells products or markets specific services. Digital marketers are understanding first-hand how crucial this really is.

If you have just launched a website – a blog, a news outlet or a product page – then you may be wondering just how you can utilize these measures to track your website visitors. To help you get started, Clickback has some software and solutions that may help you with website visitor tracking.

Everything from Google to Java, you can incorporate a wide variety of tools and solutions to your game plan of generating more viewership and exploiting your present crop of visitors. Remember, it takes more than just looking at your jetpack site stats on WordPress.

Here are five tips to enhance your visitor tracking:

JavaScript is Disabled for Many Users

A majority of Internet users have their JavaScript enabled. This is just a common function for millions of people all over the world. But there are still people who have it disabled. For instance, in the United States, two percent of online users have it turned off. And that number is probably greater outside of North America and Europe.

What does this mean exactly? Well, you should configure your website so that visitors without JavaScript can easily browse your website without any hiccups. You can also track the non-JavaScript users and perhaps even cater to their needs and wants.

Google Analytics is Basic Solution for All

If you own a website then you probably already know about Google Analytics. But here is a reminder: use it! Even if you are incorporating other programs into your strategy, it is still vital to complement your software with Google Analytics. And why not? It is free as well as powerful.

The six major data factors of Google Analytics are:

1. Number of visits (total clicks)

2. Number of visitors (total number of people)

3. Bounce rate (visit your site and then leave)

4. Duration rate (length of stay)

5. Visitor flow (where do visitors go and how do they arrive)

6. Location (where your visitors coming from)

These are the most important points you will concentrate on when using Google Analytics. You can learn more about Google Analytics through their online seminars, starting with the below video:

Alexa is Great for Simple Tracking

If you're not the next Bill Gates and your webmaster skills are lacking then Alexa is a great tool for tracking because it is so simple. By typing in your websire, or perhaps another website you're competing with, you garner some of the key numbers, like website ranking, number of visits or Google PageRanking (PR).

Focus on Specific Metrics

As you start to become an expert on owning a website and how to make it succeed, you will begin to develop a nose for honing in on specific metrics. These metrics are more advanced than the aforementioned Google Analytics aspects.

Here are some of the metrics you should pay attention to once your website is more developed:

Conversion Rate (visited website and perform an action, like buying a book or filling out a form).

Keywords (what words or phrases they used to find your website).

Traffic Sources (where they are coming from).

Qualified Leads (visitors with a budget and ready to purchase).

Return on Investment (how much you have earned compared to how much you've spent).

Email Marketing Isn't Dead

There is one discovery you will make once you maximize your visitor tracking: email is not dead.

Indeed, rumors of email's death have been greatly exaggerated in recent years, and it is a realization that numerous digital marketers are making constantly. This is why email marketing has become an important tool in the arsenal of so many websites, brands and online marketing firms.

When you want to enhance your tracking of website visitors then one of the best methods is to incorporate more email marketing into your strategies. By doing this, you can market specific products, send out newsletters and have a more engaging brand for your visitors.

Big data, cloud computing, online tools and technologies have all enabled us to track and monitor every single one of our visitors. You can determine their location, their referral, the time they spent on the web portal and so much more. It is up to you to enthusiastically utilize this information to your advantage. By employing the right measures, you can grow your website.

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