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5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Commercial Vehicles

Adam Connor 2016-08-12

When you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, it can be rather difficult for companies to perform regular maintenance. Since these commercial vehicles are in use every single day by an array of drivers, the lifespan of these cars, minivans or trucks can decrease without proper care.

For businesses that operate in an industry where it is essential to have a fleet of vehicles on hand, it can be rather expensive to repair or replace cars when something goes awry. This is why preventive maintenance measures are critical to ensure these vehicles last for years at a time.

Therefore, you will want to lower your commercial vehicles' maintenance expenses. You will also want to spend less time in the repair shop. Of course, you will need to record, track and monitor the maintenance process. This is something that drivers should also participate in.

Here are five preventive maintenance tips for commercial vehicles:

Follow a Stringent Maintenance Schedule

Moving forward, you will need to establish a stringent maintenance schedule, you will need a checklist and you will need to ensure that you follow the schedule and checklist regularly.

There should be a couple of types of maintenance routines: once a day (brief) and once a week (detailed). These inspections will give you information pertaining to the health of the commercial vehicle and if something is wrong then you can immediately repair it rather than delaying it.

Your checklist should include inspecting the headlights, the windshield wipers, the overall cleanliness of the vehicle (see below), fluid checks and overall condition of the brake system.

Keep the Interior Neat & Tidy

Your team of drivers should always keep the interior neat, tidy and clean. Not only does this ensure that the interior of the vehicle stays fresh and sanitary, it also improves the reputation of your business. For instance, if you're a tow-truck driver or a delivery company and someone takes a peek inside then they won't feel as confident in your company if it's messy inside. Jalopnik has ten tips on how to keep the interior of your car neat and tidy.

Prepare for Compliance Checks

Commercial vehicles are subjected to provincial or federal safety regulations. These offer a more formal approach to thorough inspections of your commercial vehicle. These can happen at any time and roadside inspections could transpire at random during any day of the year.

Most of the checks will consist of looking at mechanical safety, cargo securement, traffic enforcement, driver's license and medical cards. As you will see, the commercial vehicle and the driver are part of the compliance checks.

With this information, you will need to prepare your commercial vehicle and your team of drivers for these random compliance checks. This is why it's important to implement several preventive maintenance measures and guarantee that your drivers have the necessary documents on hand to provide the local authorities.

Have Detailed Records Ready

Are you an administrative genius? Are you passionate about organization? Are you fastidious when it comes to your filing cabinets? If you said yes to all three questions then that is great.

As part of your initiative to maintain your commercial vehicles, you need to gather, organize and file away all of the documents, paperwork and folders in regards to the maintenance of your commercial vehicles. This way, you can pull up any important document to know what happened on such a day and by whom. It makes life a lot easier than relying on someone's memory.

Open the Lines of Communication

For whatever reason, drivers will not reveal or report an odd sound or a missing bolt to the company. However, this kind of behaviour should be completely discouraged. Instead, you have to open up the lines of communication to guarantee that everyone is following the rules and regulations. If one driver is concealing something about the commercial vehicle then it could very well cost you down the line in the form of an expensive repair or a costly replacement.

It can be hard to maintain a flock of commercial vehicles. Whether you have a dozen or 100, businesses have to have dedicated resources just for the commercial vehicles alone, such as a mechanic shop, an office and staff members. But if you wish to save money in the future then these are necessary aspects of your enterprise. Just maintain them and you'll be fine! Alternatively, you may be open to the idea of purchasing new commercial vehicles. In such a case, you can browse the inventory at Sprinter of Windsor to find a vehicle that matches your objectives.

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