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5 Paper Trail Tips for Canadian Immigration Law

Nate King 2016-08-06

When it comes to immigration, one of the most important things to do, whether it's to protect yourself or to ensure your immigration goes as smoothly as possible, is to paper trail everything.

Files, forms, documents and other types of paperwork are essential for immigrating to Canada. Because Canadian immigration law is so complex, you have to maintain a steady trail of paperwork. In the event that something goes missing, you have the proper paperwork on hand.

Let's face it: governments and bureaucrats can make mistakes if your application.

As these unfortunate events transpire, you are readily prepared by simply taking out the required document. Remember, immigrating to Canada be a long, arduous process that is time consuming, which means your folder will be stacked with a lot of personal papers and state documents.

Always be ready to show these documents to avoid any further delays.

Here are five paper trail tips for Canadian immigration law:

Communicating Online? Screenshot Everything

The immigration process has gone online. Everything from filling in forms or communicating with legal professionals, a large chunk of your application endeavours will be completed online.

Since you will be doing nearly everything on the Internet, it's important to screenshot all of the important websites, files and emails you complete online. By doing this, you can protect yourself, ensure your immigration process goes through without any hardship and give the proper channels access to what you have seen during this entire time.

Keep Copies of All Documents

Akin to screenshooting all of the stuff you come across online, it's just as important to make copies of all of the documents, receipts and all other paperwork that sit in your lap. Once you have made the necessary copies then you must keep and maintain them in a proper folder. This is especially crucial if you make mistakes on application forms.

One more thing: always be sure to number and arrange all of the copies.

File Your Third-Party Documents

Over the last several years, immigration officials have allocated much of their responsibilities onto third-party authorities or officials. Since the third-party will be handling files and then exchanging them with immigration bureaucrats, there is a great possibility that the documents could be lost. Therefore, you will need to keep and copy all of these third-party files.

Avoid Mixing Your Drafts with Final Copies

There is one thing you will realize during this extensive period: you will be filling in a lot of applications and documents. This also means that you'll have various drafts. Whatever you do, do not mix your drafts with your final copies. The reason is because just in case you hand over the drafts to the immigration department rather than the final clean, clear and crisp copies.

Try to Properly Arrange Your Paperwork

Lastly, this may seem like an impossible feat even a week into the process, but try your best to properly arrange your paperwork. Moving forward, you have to make sure that all of the paperwork is properly organized, properly maintained and properly filed. It's best to completely avoid having the paperwork scattered all over the place. Like your tax records, insurance files or investment receipts, your immigration documents need to be cared of to avoid disaster. For more information, put together eight tips to help you organize your paperwork.

The ultimate goal is to immigrate to Canada and become a Permanent Resident. The Great White North does maintain an immigration-friendly policy, especially if you come from parts of Asia. But it isn't as easy as just walking through the border. There are an abundance of rules and regulations in place, and this often consists of endless streams of paperwork, both online and offline. As long as you follow the instructions, maintain strict records and remain positive, your application will be approved and you can move to Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal. You may also need additional legal assistance regarding Canadian immigration and citizenship, which you can expect from Bellissimo Law Group.

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